The Elite team took to the Tankerton slopes and pebble beach to clear it of unsightly debris and litter, helping to save the local wildlife and improve our environment for everyone who loves to enjoy the beautiful seaside.

The beach clean is part of our 20th anniversary celebrations, where we are collectively taking part in a range of fun, challenging events to raise money for Take Off – Mental Health charity.

Plastic pollution & litter problem

Did you know that the ocean covers 71% of our planet’s surface and it regulates our weather and absorbs carbon dioxide?

For many years humans have produced plastic with little regard to the environment or the impact it might have on it.

It’s now very clear, plastic is bad for the environment and has become a huge problem for our oceans.

Plastic doesn’t naturally biodegrade and instead creates microplastics which are not only toxic to wildlife but damages the ocean’s ecosystem and ability to absorb carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change.

Plastic isn’t our only problem, other types of litter kill hundreds of thousands of animals such as birds, either because they’ve become entangled in it, or they’ve ingested it.

Along with plastic and litter damaging our environment, litter makes our beautiful beaches, cities and countryside look unsightly – no one wants to spend time on a beach full of litter.

How much litter we collected on our beach clean

David, Katie, Mel, Andy, Shanice and Rosie all took part in the beach clean and between them collected an astonishing 6 bin bags of litter. We’re pleased that we’ve saved 6 bags of litter from our oceans and made our environment a nicer place to spend time in.

However, it’s not enough! To make a real difference, we need to collectively change our behaviours – whether that’s swapping to plastic free alternatives, using more reusable solutions such as refillable water bottles and coffee cups and taking your litter home with you and recycling it properly.

How you can get involved – 2 minute beach clean or 2 minute litter pick

Along with reducing plastic waste there’s an easy way for you to get involved too – whether you live on or near a beach or somewhere else. The 2 minute beach clean or 2 minute litter pick is exactly what it says – 2 minutes to pick up litter around you, preventing it from ending up in our oceans and cluttering our streets.

The 2 minute beach clean started in 2013 and is now a registered charity devoted to cleaning beaches and streets, educating people as they go. Since then, they estimate that beach cleaners have saved 200 tonnes of litter from the ocean!

You can get involved easily by spending 2 minutes picking up litter and putting it in a bin or recycling it. Share your collection on social media with the hashtag #2minutebeachclean #2minutelitterpick to raise awareness. Read more about it here.

To read more about our 20th anniversary and the other events we’re taking part in, or if you’d like to donate, head to our dedicated anniversary celebration page here.